Born in wartime Beirut, grew up in south Detroit, and learned life lessons in Chicago... now I live between quartz and the stars in an 1890's farmhouse nestled in the cornfields of Indiana with my husband Nathan and our daughters Lulu and Layla.

I have always admired beauty in various forms and spent many years documenting it through photography. I love to photograph people in their natural element, using natural light, naturally. My shoots are mostly filled with glowing laughter, light, and joy, as I am usually documenting a wedding, birth, party, or something equally wonderful.

Those who know me would say that I am loving, nurturing, and a natural entertainer, not the pop song on the radio kind, but one who will bake you fresh bread and serve it with homemade jam when you come to my home. Please feel free to contact me for more information about my services and allow me to capture your own distinct and beautiful portraits.  

Gemstones & so on...

It was 2009 when I started my journey into creating beauty in the form of gemstone jewelry. My jewelry is primarily one of a kind or produced in limited quantities. Each element is hand selected for its luster and interest, then handcrafted with love and care.

I mainly work with various forms of quartz such as jade, amethyst, turquoise, pyrite, onyx, drusy and chalcedony. I hand forge many of my components and set stones using silver-smithing techniques. I love to showcase each stone's organic beauty through my art and I feel great joy to know that my jewelry helps women feel more beautiful on a daily basis. 

In 2018, I took on an apprenticeship at Katie Carder FIne Jewelry, expanding my bench jewelry skills and working with diamonds, sapphires and emeralds.

Salame Jewelry Designs are available for wholesale and retail sales. 

Instagram: @salamejewelrydesigns

Twitter & Pinterest: @ranasalame

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